Mosques are a Force for Good
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The Mosques For Peace Campaign

Islam is a religion that promotes peace. It is crucial to find a mechanism that prevents false and invalid ideologies from spreading. Mosques.Site provides such a mechanism by providing individual Mosques with their own Online Video Magazine that they can use to help spread the true message of their own mosque

The "Mosques For Peace" Campaign has the following Aims:

- To help combat Islamophobia, through local mosques

- To reduce the communication gap between Muslims and other communities, through local mosques

- To help community cohesion between Muslims and their local communities, through local mosques.

- To show that Mosques in the Community are a positive factor, and not a negative factor, by running campaigns that highlight the role of mosques in their local communities as a channel of peace, and as a force for good

Mosques.Site helps to spread the awareness of Islam as a culture of peace in all people, and help non-Muslims realise that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. Islam is based on the principles of love, compassion and delivering good to others. The Mosques For Peace campaigns feature campaigns centralized from Mosques.Site, promoting the fact that Islam is a religion of Peace, and that individual Mosques can help spread that message of peace.


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