The Cancer Awareness Challenge

The Cancer Awareness Challenge, is being launched by Alfred Samuels who was diagnosed in early 2012, with Advanced Prostate Cancer, and initially given six months to live. Alfred survived due to his participation in the Cancer Research UK funded Stampede drug trial.

Alfred is now launching the Cancer Awareness Challenge, which is raising awareness that cancer can be cured if caught early enough, and also encourages and challenges individuals and organisations to participate in 4 innovative Programmes that raise funds for Stand Up To Cancer.

Stand Up To Cancer takes developments in the labs and accelerates them into brand new tests and treatments for cancer patients who need them right now. Originating in the USA, Stand Up To Cancer launched in the UK in 2012 backed by a host of celebrities, all intent on joining the battle against cancer.

More men are now dying from prostate cancer in the UK than women are from breast cancer. One in eight men in the UK will be diagnosed in with Prostate Cancer in their lifetime. That likelihood is doubled for black men, with one in four being affected by Prostate Cancer in their lifetime. Research, by Cancer Research UK, reveals that one man dies of Prostate cancer every 45 minutes in the UK, and that figure has been increasing over the past 20 years. Prostate Cancer UK estimates that more than 120 million pounds in research funding is needed to make sufficient advances in research, screening and treatment. The Cancer Awareness Challenge aims to help raise awareness how to catch cancer early as well as help raise funds for Cancer Charities.

Alfred has survived Prostate Cancer and he challenges each and everyone of us to become aware of the early signs of cancer, get ourselves checked, and help support the UK Cancer Awareness and Research Programmes.

About His Journey

Alfred has worked in the entertainment industry for the past 28 years, for stars such as Bob Dylan, Harrison Ford, Sade, Seal, Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, Oasis, Spandau Ballet and Rod Stewart, to mention but a few. Alfred lives in West London with his partner and family

Diagnosed in early 2012, with Advanced Prostate Cancer, Alfred went through an exhausting three-year intrusion of his mind, body, and soul. Alfred has written two books the first covering extracts of a detailed day-by-day diary and his second book covering his interpretation of a cancer journey along with its pitfalls, twists and turns of the side effects of treatment and will to live.

As stated above, Alfred was initially given six months to live, after his diagnosis, based on the advanced stage of his cancer, he was asked if he would like to participate in the Cancer Research UK-funded Stampede drug trial. He had nothing to lose, so he went ahead.

The trial incorporated a drug called Abiraterone, along with the standard hormone therapy at the start of treatment for prostate cancer. He commenced the drug trial in March 2012, but things got worse before they got better. Alfred confesses, however, that throughout it all, there were days he thought he could get through everything, then there were days when he did not think he could continue. His mother had died of breast cancer. Six months later her sister died from cancer. Five years later their brother died of prostate cancer.

His Message

Alfred has a message below for men who might be hesitant about being screened for prostate cancer

If you dont love yourself, you certainly love your family and because you love your family, you owe it to your family to be screened. Money is not the be all and end all of life.

Bear this in mind, prostate cancer is curable if caught early enough. You dont want to go the route I went and find that you now have a disease that's escape the prostate and basically has metastasised because your luck may not be the same as my luck. I have known many men who have passed away and I am still here.

The Cancer Awareness Challenge Programme

The Cancer Research Challenge will consist of 4 innovative Programmes as follows:

Merchants Programme

The Retailers Helping Cancer Awareness and Research Programme

The Football Helping Cancer Awareness and Research Programme Programme

The Music Helping Cancer Awareness and Research Programme

For More details on the individual Programmes within the Cancer Awareness Challenge, please follow the relevant links above.

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