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Blockchain is enabling a revolution in the way businesses have traded with each other for many decades.

The blockchain that will be accessible through this site can also greatly facilitate Trade Finance and help make it cheaper, and more accessible.

Merchant services can be provided via this site, for merchants to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as Credit cards, Bitcoin, Venmo, Apple Pay, Android Pay etc. As far as merchant services are concerned, with one simple integration, your business can accept online and mobile payments in over 130 currencies, and 44 countries

National Buyers need suppliers in different counties across the UK. Furthermore, for Major Buyers, Supplier diversity is both a challenge and an opportunity. The .Trade Site for the county aims to help address this challenge. It will give suppliers in the County access to the networks of major buyers. It will help buyers locate diverse small suppliers and help suppliers access markets they have hitherto been locked out from.

Blockchain Business consultancy and Blockchain Business reports can be accessed through this site and can be very useful in helping businesses in the county understand and plan Blockchain Strategies, and can be accessed via this site

Blockchain technology removes the need for time-consuming paperwork, helps to eliminate human error, digitalizes and integrates key trade processes, and makes it quicker and simpler for businesses to trade. The Blockchain is a decentralized network that links up partners who add value and can provide access to online marketplaces. Transactions can be executed on an automated basis, in minutes instead of weeks or months. Human error costs industry billions. With automation, the Blockchain can help address problems of human error. Full support is also provided.

The Consortium Blockchain that will be accessible through this site will help Trading Organizations in the County and members of the consortium blockchain to facilitate transactions between customers, suppliers, trade financiers, or anyone with whom they do business.

The best way to think of it is like a database that is not tied to a server or public cloud, but rather a cascade of data points that work together to continuously update and verify a record of activity.

There are obvious security benefits to using this type of approach, and it will be a much more efficient way of doing business than 90-day purchase orders and invoices. Blockchain is quite complicated to implement within an established infrastructure, and the Blockchain will help solve this problem

Many existing blockchain protocols fail to meet key enterprise requirements such as performance, confidentiality, governance, and required processing power. This is because existing systems were designed to function, and to achieve consensu, in public scenarios amongst anonymous, untrusted actors with maximum transparency.

Because of this, transactions are posted in the clear for all to see, every node in the network executes every transaction, and computationally intensive consensus algorithms must be employed. These safeguards, while necessary to ensure the integrity of public blockchain networks, require tradeoffs in terms of key enterprise requirements such as scalability and confidentiality.

Efforts to adapt existing public blockchain protocols or to create new protocols to meet these needs have generally traded one required enterprise attribute for another, such as improved confidentiality at the cost of greater complexity or lower performance.

With the Blockchain, nodes and actors will be explicitly declared and controlled. Organizations will be able run existing supply chain code much faster within the Blockchain and the Blockchain will also facilitate an end-to-end trade finance solution

The Blockchain will be compatible with any blockchain protocol, enabling easy interconnection with the blockchain systems of trading partners and suppliers.

To find out more about the above services or to apply for blockchain facilitated trade financing, please contact us. Please provide some information about your business, and include a contact name and phone number


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