Help 2 Cure Cancer Network

Helping Facilitate Local Networks in the Fight To Help 2 Cure Cancer at a Grassroots Level

About The Help 2 Cure Cancer Network

The Founder of the Help2BeatCancer Network is Alfred Samuels. Alfred was diagnosed in early 2012, with Advanced Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Stage 4 and initially given six months to live. Alfred survived due to his participation in the Stampede drug trial, which was funded by Cancer Research UK, for whom Alfred is now an ambassador.

Accordingly, the primary objectives of the Help 2 Cure Cancer Network are to support Cancer Research UK and help Cancer Patients, and bring together and support Cancer Organisations under the umbrella of the network for greater effectiveness. The GBr.Community Network of Local Web sites, feature sites that support Cancer Research UK, as well as some local FoodBanks, at a local, and national level.

Help 2 Cure Cancer Faciliates the Engagement of Local Networks at a Grassroots Level

Help 2 Cure Cancer engages in partnerships to provides tools to facilitate the above from a local sites network, providing local people who want to support the fight to Help 2 Cure Cancer, a channel from which to do so

This helps facilitate the Engagement of Local Networks at a Grassroots Level. It helps to provide local channels to engage with people on an individual basis, and help maintain a relationship with them, across the breadth of ways they want to engage